MilliKeys Graffiti Replacement
for Palm handhelds

NOTE! This project has been discontinued for many years now. Any information on this site, including contact information, may be invalid.

MilliKeys is a free data input alternative which replaces (or supplements) Graffiti with a customizable virtual keyboard on the silkscreen area of a PalmOS device. It supports multiple key layouts editable on the handheld itself; previewing on the screen; macros to start programs or input keys; and more.

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News: Well, I have now fixed my Palm III's screen with the help of a mirror, some toilet paper, and some poking around on the circuit board. But I still don't know when I'll find the time to do a new version of MilliKeys. In other news, I made a page for user-made layouts.

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MilliKeys Copyright 2003 by David Piepgrass

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