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This page has layouts & stamps made by MilliKeys users. I would like to make a message board or something where users can freely post their layouts, but, er, I don't know how (and I don't know whether it's allowed here at

To download one of the stamps below from Internet Explorer, right-click the image and choose Save Target As..., then pick a place on your computer to save it. For the installation steps below you'll need to copy the layout memo to the clipboard. To do that, click the link to the memo file, then copy the whole file to the clipboard (the keyboard shortcut for this is

After you install MilliKeys and the stamp, follow the instructions below to install your chosen layout onto your handheld.

  1. Start Palm Desktop on your PC and click the "Memo" button to reach the memo editor.
  2. Click "New" to make a new memo.  Copy and paste the text of the layout into the new memo. To copy the layout memo to the clipboard,
    1. Click the link to the memo file on this page
    2. Copy the whole file to the clipboard (the keyboard hotkey for this is Ctrl+A Ctrl+C)
  3. HotSync to get the memo onto your Palm device.
  4. Start MilliKeys, open the menu, and choose "Import from Memo".  If you copied the layout correctly, you should be asked whether you want to import the layout.  Choose "Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!"
  5. In the "Master Controls" screen, select your new layout from the list.  Check the box labelled "Enable hack (i.e. keyboard)", and click "Calibrate".


This layout was designed specifically for pen input.

Andy B.

I don't have a name or a layout file for this one so far, but it's the first graffiti-augmentation layout I've seen.


Some people swear by this 5-line keyboard, which was designed for pen input. Now it's available for MilliKeys.

Its developer made a web site for it here.

Simple Qwerty

This is just the built-in Qwerty layout with less clutter. There's no need to download a layout memo file; just use the built-in one.

Silkyboard (Kyocera 7135 edition): A Silkyboard imitation by Ryan Datsko

"Small Qwerty" for Clie

by David Green

German Keyboard

The following layout is by Christian Fieweger.

See also: my omelet layouts.

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