Donations To The Author

MilliKeys is free, but I'm asking that you donate a token amount as thanks for the program. I request $5 to $20, but of course there are no upper or lower limits. For reference, here are the prices of some commercial stamp software:

MilliKeys is far more customizable than the software above, though each piece of software might have a feature or two MilliKeys lacks. For the most part, the stamps these products offer can be duplicated in MilliKeys; please see the Forums for stamps users have made.

How to Donate

PayPal is the most popular way to send money online. Just click on one of the links on the right to donate US dollars, or go to to customize your payment.

U.S. residents can pay without a credit card by transferring funds from their bank accounts to their paypal accounts and from there to me. At the PayPal site, Click "Add Funds" under "My Account" and select "Transfer funds from a bank account".


Canadians can pay in Cdn$ to avoid exchange rate conversion to my Canadian bank account.

Want Stamps?

A few people have said they wanted stamps but not enough to warrant making them yet. Contact me if you'd be willing to pay for them (also, specify which layout you want, if not the built-in layout). Also, contact me if you can suggest who can manufacture them for me.

I'll keep the e-mail addresses of those who donate US$15 or more. If I get stamps manufactured I will offer to send at least one stamp to all those who have donated $15 or more. (I may ask for shipping & handling for users outside the U.S. and Canada.)

Want OS 5 support?

PalmOS 5 doesn't support hacks, but it is possible to make MilliKeys work on PalmOS 5.

I myself don't have an OS5 handheld, and so have little reason to make MilliKeys for OS 5. But if I get US$100 in commitments for an OS5 version, I will commit to make MilliKeys work on OS5. If you want an OS5 version, just e-mail me with the amount you are willing to pay. If just 10 people will pay 10 dollars, I'll make an OS5 version and release it for free to everyone. Those who pay will be thanked in the program's readme file.

Mind you, you can use MilliKeys on OS5 right now by downloading TealMaster. It's a nice piece of software, but its stated price is $10 - why pay a third party to use free software? Beats me. Commit to MilliKeys for OS5.

Want Clie Virtual Graffiti support?

The Clie NR70/NX70 and maybe other models (I'm having trouble navigating Sony's web site!) have lovely hi-res screens with virtual graffiti areas (i.e. they are composed of pixels.) MilliKeys works on at least one of these models but is not written to support the virtual graffiti area or full screen mode.

I can't afford to buy one of these handhelds but I can make MilliKeys support these models by developing it with an emulator. I might add support for disabling MilliKeys when fullscreen mode is engaged, without monetary commitment from anyone. However, for full virtual graffiti area support (drawing key layouts automatically on the screen) I think it's reasonable to ask for at least US$200. If you would be willing to donate or commit to donate to this cause, just e-mail me with the amount you are willing to pay. It will just take $20 from 10 people! Please include any suggestions you have about how MilliKeys should behave on these models.

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Total Donations to January 21, 2004:
US$135 by 11 users