MilliKeys Download & Installation

Q. Where do I download MilliKeys?

A. From After clicking the following link, select the latest version under the heading "millikeys".

Be sure not to select a file with "Src" in the name. The "Src" files only contain the source code, which you only might be interested in if you are a programmer.

Q. How do I install it?

A. MilliKeys comes in two parts, the app and the hack: MilliKeys.prc and MKeyHack.prc. Both of these should be installed on your handheld. The app (application) is used to configure MilliKeys, and the hack (more pleasantly known as the system extension) is the thing that actually takes over the graffiti area. The hack requires an extension manager, preferably X-Master. If you don't have one already, download X-Master. (X-Master home page)

  1. Transfer MilliKeys.prc and MKeyHack.prc to your handheld with HotSync (or whatever software you use)
  2. Make your stamp and put it on.
  3. On your handheld, run MilliKeys from the app launcher. The hack will not work until you have run MilliKeys from the launcher at least once. Once you start the program, you should calibrate your stamp by pressing the "Calibrate" button (on the Master Controls screen.)
  4. If you have X-Master, you'll see an "Enable hack" option on the Master Controls screen. Enable this option to begin using MilliKeys.

    If you have some other extension manager, open it and enable MilliKeys.

Q. Where do I get the stamp?

At the present time, MilliKeys is a do-it-yourself project; you cannot order keyboard stamps from me. However, if you would be interested in paying for stamps (and thereby donating to my university education), please contact me. If several people want stamps (or one person wants to make a large order), I'll look into making them for you.

  1. Print out a stamp for your layout, such as this one, scaled down to the size of your graffiti area. For example, a Palm III's graffiti area is about 2.30 inches wide and 0.87 inches high. The characters are very small, so use your printer's highest quality setting and finest dithering. If applicable, turn off the "maintain aspect ratio" option (Unfortunately I made the stamps with a slightly incorrect aspect ratio, because my initial measurements were incorrect.)

    How you print the stamp depends on what software you have.  IrfanView is a freeware image viewer that can print to an exact size.  The free office suite ( can also do this: insert the stamp into a blank document, then resize it with the mouse, and as you drag it, the size in inches is displayed in the status bar.

  2. Cut it down to size.
  3. Tape or glue it on the screen. Avoid glueing directly on the screen unless you're sure it's safe for your Palm; you might want to use an easily removable label or screen protector underneath. For example, I have WriteRight screen protectors so it's safe for me to glue it right on (I wouldn't recommend this brand in general, however). Alternately, print directly onto a sticky label. Another possibility is to plaster your graffiti area with clear tape (or any thin tape that leaves minimal residue when removed), then glue the stamp to the tape.

Q. How do I use MilliKeys?

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