On this page you can try out the Asset Keyboard without installing it. Using a Qwerty keyboard, type text in the left side and it will be translated according to the Asset layout. For example, if you type "assdf", "asset" comes out. Unfortunately, this page cannot replace Caps Lock with Backspace.

You can also try some simple lessons here. Just for fun, you can also switch to Dvorak, Colemak, or an older version of Asset.

Select active layout:

Begin typing below.

Speed: 0 wpm / 0 cpm

If you would like to practice Asset, choose a lesson from the following list and the text you should type will appear above; click Clear before starting a new lesson.


The lessons are designed for touch typing. Keep your fingers on the home keys. On a standard Qwerty keyboard, the home keys are labelled ASDF JKL;, and you should keep your index fingers on F and J. Keep your eyes on the screen.

If an arm begins to hurt, make sure you have good typing posture. Take breaks if necessary.

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